There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment –

Robert Frank

Inspired by the form of humanity of the moment, ARThemis Gallery is not documenting your activities, but to provide a touch of personal sensitivity which is realized in the combination
of quality shooting techniques and qualified visual design art. ARThemis will not only give the ordinary still photographs, but present you with your own unique story that can never be
matched to others.

Founded by two art devotee gentlewomen, Scholastika and Elle determine to visualize the very best moments of your life into a kind of storytelling you cannot blow. Unfold the feature
you want to create with us, then we will fashion the photo narration with the best portraits that suit your character and desires. Experience the magnificent photo artwork yourself!

About Scholastika Sastranegara

Scholastika was born and grown up in Yogyakarta, the city where art and culture become the breath of its people. Her love for photography and videography began when she was working as an employee of PT Kalbe Farma in Jakarta. Since then, Scholastika began to pursue photography as a profession.

In recent years, many national and international awards have been achieved through her camera shots, including winning the best photo award by CNN Indonesia for the Street Photography category, receiving the favorite photo award by Kalbe Farma for the theme Harmony Diversity, and earning Honorable Achievement in Asian Tourism Fair 2018 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. During her career, she also became a personal photographer of Mr. Edward Rees (Coordinator of the United Nations for Dhaka, Bangladesh), Mrs. Elizabeth Oktofani (Chief of the World Health Organization for Dhaka, Bangladesh) and Indonesian actress Nafa Urbach.

The story of humans is something that always interests Scholastika. Through her lens, she doesn’t just want to display meaningless printed images. More than that, Scholastika wants to record the story of human life in order to become valuable learning for other humans. This obsession has led her to tour countries in Asia to produce international documentary films in Bangladesh, Thailand, India, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam and Kashmir.

Together with Elle Zahra, they founded ARThemis Gallery which specializes in photography not only as a media of documentation, but as a work of art that must be appreciated. Scholastika acts as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who leads quality and experienced crews in photography and videography and have high passion and artistic spirit.

Until this very second, Scholastika is still not satisfied with her photographic journey. She still wants to continue to involve in many human stories and explore culture in order to live her love for humanity, just like the idol photographer Steve McCurry. The ideals and dreams of her photography will continue to begin every time she finds a new story to aim at.